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Earn Up to £1800 tax free!

Homestay Hosts

The Homestay scheme is operated by MiQuando Limited in partnership with Isle of Man Tourism during the busy periods of the TT® and Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling. During these periods, the number of visitors exceeds the available tourist accommodation. This is where Homestay comes in.

Homestay hosts open their homes to a maximum of 6 visitors either on a Bed & Breakfast basis (1 or more bedrooms) or a whole property on a Self-Catering basis.

It’s a great way to meet people from all over the world, share new experiences and earn some extra money (with up to £1,800 tax free for Homestay during the TT period).

Our Homestay hosts offer visitors a truly authentic and unique Manx travel experience, with many guests and hosts forge lifelong friendships, and visitors returning year after year.

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  • Isle Of Man TT
  • Isle Of Man Festival Of Motorcycling

We're here to help

Whether you’re new to Homestay or a Homestay veteran, you can rest assured we are always on hand to help with any questions you might have.

You can contact our friendly Homestay team by phone Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:30pm GMT, or send an email to the MiQuando Homestay team any time of day or night.

Can anyone sign up

Yes, we welcome any residents wishing to sign up as Homestay hosts. To join the scheme, there are some criteria to meet and some regulations that you must follow, but being a homestay host offers a truly authentic and unique travel experience for the visitor.

Homestay hosts vary greatly, from those living alone, young couples to families and retired people; there is no exclusive club. If you have a spare room (or more), or are going away and want to rent out your whole home, enquire today to start hosting guests and earning money.

How to become a Homestay Host

In the first instance, please contact us so we can check a couple of things before you spend any time completing the Homestay Host Registration Form. When you’re ready, please download and complete the form, with an accurate description of your property and available accommodation.

You can send us the form by Email or return it to address below by post or in person.

If you have images of your property, please send us copies to support your listing on our site. Images are important as they make your property stand out to prospective visitors and provides a more accurate idea of what is on offer.

Once we have received your form and payment of the appropriate registration fee, we will contact you to arrange an inspection of your property, to ensure it meets the Homestay standards. At the time of inspection, we will take photographs, if necessary, to include on your online profile.

Once approved your property will be shown on the official Homestay website (unless you tell us not to). We will also promote the property via out social media outlets but you are free to also advertise your property elsewhere.

Who can book

Once the property is listed on the Homestay website, people wishing to book with you will be able to contact you directly by phone or email to enquire about availability and bookings.

People wanting to book will come from all walks of life, but you can be sure they will all share a common love for bikes and racing on the Mountain Circuit.

It is completely up to you to decide who stays with you and when, as guests must request to stay with you. You may want to ‘get to know’ them a little before you choose to accept and confirm their booking request.

Why Register?

Homestay hosts are required by law to register with Miquando Limited. Officially registered properties receive the following benefits which allow your guests to book with confidence.

MiQuando Limited and the Homestay team cannot provide any support for hosts or guests in unregistered properties.

  • Entry on the official Homestay Hosts register
  • Public liability insurance to cover your guests
  • Up to £1,800 tax free earnings from Homestay during TT®
  • Marketed via the official Homestay website (optional)
  • Support from the Homestay team for any issues or concerns
  • Verified Registration and Inspection Dates and Status
  • Certificate from the Tourism Division